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Re: DHIS Server - Setting up a scheduled event data check and update


hi james, you can call Postgres functions from sqlviews (from data
administration) , and the functions can do updates as well as return data.
the views can also be parameterized and called through the API .

On Sunday, 29 November 2015, James Chang <jamesbchang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> In DHIS Server, we are trying to create a scheduled task that checks
> events and update some data in events.
> We like to avoid using database scheduler (like pgadmin III PgAgent)
> That leaves us (We think) with:
>   - cron job with shell script using database sql comments (in file)
>   - cron job with java executable (and Web API calls within Java)
> We prefer to do this using Web API.
> Does that mean 'cron job with java executable' is the only choice we could
> have for our operation?
> Any suggestion on other methods that we could use to set up a 'Web API
> data checking/updating' scheduled task?  (If there is, could you also
> provide us with example?)
> Thank you.

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