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Translations and Sharing Settings not syncing



We are using the latest version of DHIS 2.25 (build - 5e16867). We have a
couple of issues with version 2.25 - sync of metadata.

*1) Translations* are not getting synced.
    In previous versions, translations used to sync. But, looks like that's
not the case with 2.25. It affects all metadata objects that are

*2)* *Sharing settings* are not getting synced unless some change is made
to the object’s properties.
    If we have sharing settings configured for a metadata object, while
creating the object or modifying some property of that object, they get
synced properly. But, if a change is made only to the sharing settings of
that object (and nothing else), and try to sync, they do not get synced.
This issue has been raised with 2.22 as well. Looks like it still exists.

Could you please look into these issues and help fix them.


Archana Chillala
Application Developer
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