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[Issue] Sync fails for Program Indicator group



We are using the latest version of DHIS 2.25 (build - 5e16867). Looks like
Program Indicator group has been newly added to the programs module in 2.25
version. When we're trying to sync a program indicator group from one
instance to another, it gets synced, but the indicators assigned to it, are
unassigned at the other instance after syncing. No error logs are generated
for this, though. Please find the screenshots below depicting the issue.

At HQ instance, we have assigned two program indicators to a program
indicator group

[image: Inline image 1]

At Local instance, after syncing the program indicator group, the
indicators are unassigned.

[image: Inline image 3]

Is this a known issue?
Could you please help fix it?


Archana Chillala
Application Developer
Email archanac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone +91 9100960533 <+91+9100960533>
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