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Re: [Dhis2-users] Set data approvals with dhis 2.23


Thank you Calle and Jim for your quick response,
Let me try it i will be back to you shortly,



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On 4 November 2016 at 18:02, Jim Grace <jim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Adolphe,
> Thank you for your report.
> *1. Workflows:*
> As you saw, when upgrading your database to include workflows, one
> workflow is created for each dataset for which approvals had been enabled.
> If you wish to approve/unapprove multiple datasets always together, you can
> reassign the dataset workflows so they refer to the same workflow. You can
> also change the name of a workflow if you wish.
> If this results in any unused workflows that you don't need any more, you
> can delete them after all their datasets have been reassigned, and after
> removing any approvals for them. (This last step can be done through the
> UI, or you may find it more practical to do this through a SQL script if
> there are many approvals for the workflow. If you do this through SQL, be
> sure to clear the Hibernate cache or restart Tomcat afterwards.)
> Note that in 2.23, under Reports, the Data Approval Report still asks you
> to select a dataset for approval. But what is actually approved is the
> workflow associated with the dataset for that org unit and period. This
> means that when you select other datasets using the same workflow, they
> will also be approved. Data will be locked for all dataset associated with
> that workflow. We will change the user interface in the future so that the
> workflow will be selected instead of the dataset, to make this clearer.
> *2. Levels:*
> Before you upgraded, did you have only one approval level defined -- at
> the Province level? If the upgrade left you with Province as the only
> approval level, then this would be my guess.
> Do you want approvals at only the Province level? In other words, data may
> be freely entered at any facility until approved at the Province level,
> which locks data entry for all facilities in the Province for that dataset
> and period? Then, if the data is unapproved at the Province level, data
> entry is allowed again for all facilities in that Province for that dataset
> and period? If this is true, then the workflow should be linked to only one
> approval level, at the Province level.
> If you have the workflow linked to multiple approval levels, then data
> must first be approved at the lowest of these levels, and it must be
> approved for every org unit at the lower level before it can be approved at
> the higher level. For example, if you have a workflow assigned to Province,
> Sub district and facilities levels, then you must approve every facilities
> in a sub district before you can approve the sub district. Then you must
> approve every sub district in the Province before you can approve the
> Province. If you haven't done all of this, then you will get the message
> "Waiting for lower levels to approve" when looking at the higher level.
> This should have functioned the same way in 2.20 (when approving by
> dataset) as in 2.23 (when approving by workflow.)
> *3. Data Locking:*
> You say that "after upgrading to 2.23,  the approval couldn't lock data
>  for reporting unit, rather it locks data for  upper levels excluding
> reporting facility. ie the data manager can still change data freely." I am
> so far unable to reproduce this. For example on
> https://play.dhis2.org/demo (running 2.25) I tried approving the dataset
> "Mortality < 5 years" for Serria Leone -> Bo -> Badjia for December 2016.
> (This approved the related workflow "Mortality < 5 years" for Badjia for
> Dec 2016.) I then went to data entry for the facility Ngelehun CHC under
> Badjia, and the data was locked for Mortality < 5 years, Dec 2016 (but not,
> for example for Nov 2016). I then created a data entry user with access to
> Ngelehun CHC only, and that user also could not enter data for Ngelehun
> CHC, Mortality < 5 years, December 2016.
> If you are still having trouble with this, please try one of the following:
> - See if you can reproduce the same kind of problem on
> https://play.dhis2.org/demo
> - Give a more detailed description of the problem and configuration so I
> can try better to reproduce it.
> - Give me access to a system where I can see the problem myself, if you
> can.
> Cheers,
> Jim
> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 5:50 AM, Kamugunga Adolphe <kaadol@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> We had HMIS system with 6 Org levels (National, Province, District, Sub
>> district, Sector,  facilities) running the version 2.20. The approval was
>> working fine, users at province level could  approve/ unapprove data  from
>> facilities of respective provinces. The constraints in this version was
>> that a person couldn't approve for individual reporting unit, it was done
>> once for all facilities under a province, but the it was working fine and
>> lock data.
>> However after upgrading to 2.23,  the approval couldn't lock data  for
>> reporting unit, rather it locks data for  upper levels excluding reporting
>> facility. ie the data manager can still change data freely.
>> checking from the settings, we realized that for every data set the
>> system has created and assign workflow with identical dataset name together
>> with Province as approval level only.
>> Reading from the doc, for the dataset to be approved in same time they
>> have to be assigned to the the same  workflow. I did that but while testing
>> it this message is displayed " Approval status: Waiting for lower levels
>> to approve"  while the workflow assigned to it  has Prov, sub district and
>> facilities  as approval levels.
>> What we want is to have user at province level to approve  data from
>> facilities under his supervision  and has possibilities to unlock data for
>> specific dataset in given reporting unit
>> Has any one experienced this  situation or someone who can provide a hint
>>  on how to set this approval?
>> Regards,
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