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Fast/bulk delete of events



We want to quickly (in groups) delete events related to a specific program and/or to a specific org unit (or list of org units). In DHIS2, we only managed to go one by one in the event capture app.

Can anyone recommend us any other convenient and faster way to do this, or if you are aware of an app that may help us?

We have also checked if it is possible to do it through the database, but we did not find easy to locate the table where the event data are stored and it is safe to delete them without loosing references to other objects.

Thank you!


Petar Jovanovic
Department of Service and Information System Engineering (ESSI)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech
Barcelona, Spain
_____________ http://www.essi.upc.edu/~petar/ ___________________

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