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Re: [d2 lib] - API call failing with "Server connection failed for API request"


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 11:31 AM, Martin Van Aken
<martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now I'm trying a event analytics query:
> return getInstance().then(d2 =>
> d2.Api.getApi().get("/25/analytics/events/query/jqKm7VLgdzL?stage=tbLC6IHktf0&dimension:ou:VAPI4p81HAz;LEVEL-6&displayProperty=NAME"));
> And this show an error in the console with  "Server connection failed for
> API request"
> I've ran the query through the browser & Postman without any problems. I've
> debugged, the authorization header is correct.
> Any clue what could go wrong there?

Martin, I found one problem, possibly 2 with your code.
The first one is with the dimension parameter you're passing.

It should be:


instead of:


The second problem is URL encoding, specifically the ou dimension
query parameter.
The response I get in this case is "409: Dimension ou is present in
query without any valid dimension options."

It's better to pass the query parameters as a object in the 2nd
parameter of the get, so that the Api class takes care of all the URL
encoding, like this:

d2.Api.getApi().get('analytics/events/query/jqKm7VLgdzL', {
    stage: 'tbLC6IHktf0',
    dimension: 'ou:VAPI4p81HAz;LEVEL-6',
    displayProperty: 'NAME'

Once I do this, I get a different error about missing start and end
date, which is ok since this endpoint requires those parameters:

Hope this helps,
Edoardo Sabadelli
University of Oslo

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