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Program rule for Age value type


Dear all,

I create a tracker data element value type: Age

For event program, I want to use program to check and show error if Age is
under 5
I tried 2 functions d2:yearsBetween; d2:daysBetween with the expression as
below but it doesn't work:

d2:daysBetween(#{age_value_type}, V{event_date})
d2:yearsBetween(#{age_value_type}, V{event_date})

I check the manual Table 21.13. Custom functions to use in a program rule
 and don't see any functions for Age value type.

I created a ticket on DHIS2 Jira https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-3381

I'm really appreciated if anyone has experience on this can share.


*Em Le Hong*
DHIS2 Implementation| *HISP Vietnam *
em.hispvietnam@xxxxxxxxx | *Skype:* em.hispvietnam@xxxxxxxxx

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