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Re: Program rule for Age value type


Hi Em Le Hong,

If I well understand:
You capture the age at a different moment than you would like the
program rule to be executed?

If no, program rule executed on the same stage as you capture the age:

	To be checked (never used the age value type so far), but age should
be an integer. So you could just do: #{age_value_type} < 5

If yes, program rule executed later on a different program stage:

	Well, first you would be better off taking a date rather than the
age. The d2 functions you mentioned are only for comparing dates, but
age is not a date.

	If you really want to use the age type, you have to convert it first
in a date following the DHIS2 date pattern: YYYY-MM-DD

	For that, you need to choose how to approximate a date of birth. Will
you use the first day of the year? the last day? the 30 of June? The
day you collected the information?
	Then you have to use the diverse d2 functions to create your date of birth.

	As an example, in an enrollment form of a program I calculate the
date of birth automatically (note that the age here is just a value
type integer, and here all the program rules are performed in the same
event: the enrollment):

	Program rule, priority 1, I calculate the age in days:
		A{Age at enrollment} * 365.25
	Program rule, priority 2, I calculate the date of birth according to
the day of data capture
		d2:addDays(V{enrollment_date}, -#{Age at enrollment in days})
	Program rule, priority 3, I round the date of birth to the 15 of June
		d2:concatenate(d2:substring(#{Date of birth calculated}, 0, 4), '-06-15')

	After that I obtain an approximate date of birth I can use in the d2
date functions.



2018-04-11 11:59 UTC+02:00, Em Le Hong <em.hispvietnam@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear all,
> I create a tracker data element value type: Age
> For event program, I want to use program to check and show error if Age is
> under 5
> I tried 2 functions d2:yearsBetween; d2:daysBetween with the expression as
> below but it doesn't work:
> d2:daysBetween(#{age_value_type}, V{event_date})
> d2:yearsBetween(#{age_value_type}, V{event_date})
> I check the manual Table 21.13. Custom functions to use in a program rule
> expression
> https://docs.dhis2.org/2.29/en/user/html/configure_program_rule.html#create_program_rule
>  and don't see any functions for Age value type.
> I created a ticket on DHIS2 Jira https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-3381
> I'm really appreciated if anyone has experience on this can share.
> Regards,
> --
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