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Bulk Data |Set completeness


Hello All,

Is there a way of completing submitted data sets in bulk? For example I
have over 20,000 data set reports submitted but not completed. The data
values are saved but the data set is not completed (the complete button is
still active). Trying to submit the data by going to the entry page to
click the complete button will be a herculian task.

The Developer's manual indicates that datasets can be completed by
interacting with this end point: /api/26/completeDataSetRegistrations. This
means I have to get the period, dataset and organisation unit for all the
reports. I have several datasets and so many organisation units.
Is there a way I can manipulate the end-point to complete the data for all
the pending datasets?

Your advice will be highly appreciated.



Barnabas AKUMBA

*Mobile:* +2348036195778
*Skype:* barnabas.akumba

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