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Uploading CSV data file with curl


Hi all,

I am trying to upload data via CURL as specified in the dev docs -
1.9.2. Creating
and updating objects. My request is as follows:

curl -d @file._name.csv "http://myHostName/api/26/dataElements"; -X POST
"Content-Type: application/csv" -u username:password

*The response I got was *

{"httpStatus":"Unsupported Media
Type","httpStatusCode":415,"status":"ERROR","message":"Content type
'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' not supported"}curl: (6) Could not
resolve host: Content-Type

I have tried content type text/csv as well but got similar results.

My questions
1. Is my endpoint http://myHostName/api/26/dataElements the correct one for
uploading data values via API?

2. Is the request format correct?

3. Is there something I need to set on my DHIS instance to make it support
such operations?

Thanks for your help.

Leke Seweje

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