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Advanced Downloads for Event Reports


I'm getting the following for just about every event report I make:

Here's the link that generates it:


The Event Report looks like:

I've tried many different layouts and I can't seem to make a single
advanced "dataValueSet" download to work for event reports.

Has anyone been able to make those work? Should they work? I wondering if
they even make sense, since they are for system to system interoperability
of aggregated data, In this case I was trying to take total BCG doses given
at birth, by month, for the whole country.

Dimension identifier does not reference any dimension: bx6fsa0t90x isn't
enough for me to go on though.

*Timothy Harding*
Sr. Systems Analyst, BAO Systems
+1 202-536-1541 | tharding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | http://www.baosystems.com | Skype:
hardingt@xxxxxxxxx | 2900 K Street, Suite 507, Washington D.C. 20007

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