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Indicator that counts the number of orgunits within a group by region.


We have a problem an indicator that counts the number of orgunits within a
group, the analytics api return a error 500.

I've setup a similar indicator "oug chc" on play that just count the number
of orgunits within a group
"numerator": "OUG{CXw2yu5fodb}","denominator": "1",
see https://play.dhis2.org/2.29/api/29/indicators/BObdEToWXVu.json

When trying to get the pivot table returning the values by district of

 - the pivot continue saying "loading" and never complete :
      *it would be really great if the pivot table could at least says
something went wrong.*
 - looking at the network requests in the browser the analytics call fails
with the message :
      {"httpStatus":"Internal Server

the failing analytics query is the following


strangely when asking at the level of the country (without the orgunits as
row dimenstions), it gives correct numbers


thanks already for your help



Stéphan Mestach


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