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Removing duplicates in aggregating TEI


Dear All,
I am not sure if this feature is already implemented in DHIS2 but hopefully someone will guide me.
We are currently using DHIS2 for M&E of a project for improving services for vulnerable populations. specifically, we use tracker capture app to keep track of services each program beneficially receives on a monthly/quarterly basis and a beneficially can receive the same service more than once in the different months/quarters of the same year.
The challenge we are experiencing is double counting when we aggregate to determine the number of beneficiaries who received a particular service at the end of the year. This means that if a beneficiary received the same service in Quarter 1 and Quarter 3, he/she will be counted twice at the end of the year. The workaround is that we download and individually remove duplicates.

Is anyone experiencing the same? we are implementing DHIS2v2.28.

Thank you.