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Re: [Dhis2-devs] Data Collection App or Tool


Dear Johan,
I totally agreed with you but i am expecting the University of Olso or
DHIS2 developers to help me with a proposed solution; not a total
solution but something that might reduce the gap between data
collection and data entry.

Project like this usually have the support of NGOs which means
logistics won't be a problem for the first 5 years and since it might
be a piloting phase for Sierra Leone, with it success other countries
might benefit from such an application.

On 9/16/15, Johan Ivar Sæbø <johansa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Gerald.
> You're raising a complex issue, and one that is not immediately solved
> by technology I think. So the main issue is that the 10 or so paper
> forms in Sierra Leone are not always coming in from the facilities to
> the districts, with the additional issue that district staff find it
> hard to reach back to the facility staff if they have any questions?
> Using mobile solutions might be helpful for both these issues, but will
> raise other issues of infrastructure, support and costs etc.
> You can find info about DHIS2 mobile solutions here:
> https://www.dhis2.org/doc/snapshot/en/user/html/ch24.html#mobile_intro
> I also have a few comments:
> 1) If all facility reporting is affected by these problems, it would
> probably be too much to report by SMS anyway. There are hundreds of data
> elements. Mobile browser based data entry might be better
> 2) If you have logistical problems of supplying facilities with paper
> forms, you might have problems relying on a working distribution of
> phones also, which needs network coverage, charging, support, credits, etc.
> Maybe someone on the list have experiences with mobile data collection
> they can share? I know such data collection once featured in the
> long-term plan for Sierra Leone.
> Johan
> On 15.09.2015 17:22, gerald thomas wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> In Sierra Leone, every district (13) has a DHMT who received
>> aggregated data report from the facilities (PHUs). During my
>> assessment i found a very big gap between data collection and data
>> entry which i am sure is affecting the quality of data in Sierra
>> Leone.
>> Firstly, Stock out of Data Entry Forms (paper based forms).
>> Secondly, Data Entry Clerks can't question information from the Data
>> Collectors neither will the HMIS Staff question the Data Entry Clerks;
>> because they are only entering what is on the paper base records they
>> received from their various PHUs.
>> In light of this, how can we closed this gap using an application
>> running on a very basic protocol (SMS or syncing).
>> Copy in this mail is someone who is willing to help us with partners
>> who might fund such a project.
>> Thanks in advance for your cooperation.