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Re: request for clarity


Hi Pius,

Please send technical questions to "dhis2-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" to
reach the whole DHIS2 community.

Your first step should be to go to Profile -> About DHIS2 and check that
you really are connected to the Postgres database and not just to H2.


On 3 Jan 2016 6:18 pm, "Pius Bagambe" <pbagambe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hello this is Pius .... i have deployed DHIS on my linux server and it
> looks to be working fine because i can login and even update my account ..
> but when i check in my database , it is empty.. am using postgres . please
> advise me what i could be missing
> i have used this manual
> http://dhis2.github.io/dhis2-docs/master/en/implementer/html/ch08s03.html#d5e531
> to deploy the application .. thanks for your help
> --
> Web administrator at DecimalWorks Company Ltd...