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Need Help


Dear All,

Can anyone help me how to create reports using API. I am getting output in
XML and need to create report to save the data and refresh time to time
date wise.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with
it. The document tree is shown below.

<metadata xmlns="http://dhis2.org/schema/dxf/2.0";>


<user lastUpdated="2017-02-26T14:40:54.152+0000" id="zlOUprbN9uZ" created="
2017-02-26T14:40:54.150+0000" name="South Regional Manager">

<displayName>South Regional Manager</displayName>


<surname>Regional Manager</surname>


<userCredentials name="admin admin">




<organisationUnit id="tZJsIdHAfKq"/>



<dataViewOrganisationUnit id="tZJsIdHAfKq"/>





<userGroup id="uqGR1SNw7SQ"/>

<userGroup id="V4OVmGrQ22i"/>



please help me out in this



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