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Programme Rules


Dear ll,

Hope fine, Look for assistance on programme rules and section hiding.

   1. How to make the data entry be auto fill date of data entry once click
   register event

   1. How to set age limit for years from 1 to 120 and should not have
   negative value if violate should bring errors,  if hours should not be more
   than 23, Months should not exit 59 months, weeks should not exit 52.
   2. Date of admission should be earlier than date of Discharge.
   3. If place of death is outside hospital then date of admission blocked
   and date of death or Discharge active.

I interested on Verbal Autopsy 2016 algorithm on DHIS use.


Samuel K. Cheburet  (MSc HIM, Bsc.  HRIM,Dip. HRIT)
Division of Monitoring and Evaluation,Health Research development and
Afya House, Room LG 37
PO. Box 30016, 00100.
Ministry of Health Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya.
mobile + 254-721624338
Email: samuelcheburet@xxxxxxxxx
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