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Potential Bug? (skip-logic rules fire on drop-down select but not on radio-button)


Hey there community ...

Someone slap me if I've got this wrong ...

... been up nearly 24 hours with crazy travel today  and it doesn't help
that some studious drummers associated with Ramadan rituals are gleefully
banging their drums outside my hotel bedroom window for half an hour at 2AM
every morning since last Saturday 😵

Anyway ... got a simple event capture form with some skip logic to un-hide
some extra fields when certain options are selected. As drop-down lists,
the rules fire, but as radio buttons (the setting you can select for the
overall program), the same rule doesn't fire.

Anyone else experience this or can someone validate or not?

Version details are:

Version:2.26Build revision:09e4ed6Build date:2017-05-22 13:50


David Hagam

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