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Major speed issue with pg_restore


I've setup a new Ubuntu 16.04 box with PostgreSQL 9.5.5 and I'm restoring a fairly large DHIS2 backup but having speed issues.  It's a full pg_dump in custom format and about 650Gb compressed (a plain text dump produces a 7Gb file).  I made sure inserts were turned off, so that's not the issue, but so far it's been running for 33 hours - CPU at 100% - with no end in sight.  This is a backup file that took 30 minutes to generate.

If it is running synchronously, I calculated that it's on around 20 million DB rows of around 170 million after 33 hours!  Surely that's not normal.
I've tweaked PostgreSQL with the following settings:

max_wal_size = 1Gb
checkpoint_timeout = 3600
checkpoint_completion_target = 0.9

Anyway, if anyone has insight or has had a similar experience, or suggestions, please let me know!
I'm testing it on another (Windows) instance to see if there's something amiss.


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