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OAuth token api status: 403 access denied.. urgent please!


Hi, we’ve been using DHIS2 2.6 in development phase (without updating instance for the 2-3 months).  Upon deployment updated to the newest release and having some headache with 403 access denied response when trying to acquire token. At first I thought it was our server setup, but it seems even dhis2.play.org/dev/uaa/oauth/token <http://dhis2.play.org/dev/uaa/oauth/token> is giving the same response, curl or postman. 

A couple of things to note: There is a correct response when client id and or secret are missing or are incorrect. But if they are correct we always getting 403 access denied, even if grant_type, password and or username are missing (the body get’s completely ignored).

I can provide you server setup details, but it seems the problem is evident @ dhis2.play.org/dev/ <http://dhis2.play.org/dev/>

Older dhis.war we have works fine btw. If I was to have a stab in the dark, I would aim for springframework.

By the way api works fine with basic auth, can even POST, PATCH etc.. 

Andrei @ Sustainable Solutions

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