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Re: Major speed issue with pg_restore


Ed you never answered my earlier question about the hardware you were
running on?

On 15 Jul 2017 6:40 p.m., "Edward Robinson" <erobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Sorry for this slow response, time has not been on my side 😊
> Also, thanks Bob, Knut and Hannan for your responses.
> So to fill everyone in, I went through postgres.conf with a fine toothed
> comb.  @ Bob, Shared buffers were set to 3200 though I'd set them to 1600
> for the restore as per this article's suggestions:
> http://www.databasesoup.com/2014/09/settings-for-fast-pgrestore.html
> Overall I'm convinced the PGSQL environment had nothing to do with the
> issue... what I had suspect is that the combination of Ubuntu 16.04 and our
> hardware was not a good match.  I suspect the SATA channel in particular
> was the bottleneck.
> To prove a point (I have two identical machines), I loaded Win Server 2012
> R2 and and installed PGSQL 9.5.5 on the box and, without so much as
> tweaking a single file, I restored the dump within 50 minutes.  We're
> likely upgrading the platform soon so I'm not going to break my back
> troubleshooting what is likely an issue that won't be there in 6 months
> time.  Dell didn't include Debian or Ubuntu on their list of supported OS
> for the hardware combination, though I have no reason to believe it
> couldn't work with a little effort and a bit of old school compiling, I
> just don't have the luxury of time to fiddle.  It worked well with 12.04
> out of the box.
> I just thought I'd post this in case anyone else was having similar
> trouble - if you've double checked the configs, it's quite possibly a lower
> level issue.
> Cheers!
> Ed

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