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DHIS2 to DHIS2 integration cases


Hi DHIS2 community!
We start having a number of cases for "DHIS2 to DHIS2" integration.
Typically, we have a DHIS2 at the HMIS level and one or more dedicated to
vertical programs. In this situation:

- the vertical program need the health pyramid from the HMIS
- the HMIS may be interested to get back a part of the data element &
values generated by the vertical program


- every time an org unit is created or updated in the HMIS we want to
create/update in the vertical program system
- every time an data element is created or updated in a given group in the
vertical program system we want to create/update it in the HMIS
- every period (week/month/quarter) we want to push back the data from the
vertical program to the HMIS for a given set of data element

While all the individual elements are there for this to works (can use
export/import and/or the API), is there any "advised way" to make this run
on an automated basis? Missing this, any case/experience to share?

Thanks & regards,


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