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Re: Issue with empty analytics for certain data elements after upgrade to 2.26


Just bumping this in case anyone has insight.
After closer inspection, it seems there are approximately 426 of 674 data elements not being included in the analytics table after an apparently successful analytics run.  The data appears in the data tables and in the UI via the forms and looks fine but does not end up in the Analytics tables.  My next step is to begin with the 2.16 version DB and upgrade step at a time, run analytics and check the output until I find out which step the issue first shows up at.


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Sent: Friday, 13 October 2017 2:17 PM
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Subject: [Dhis2-users] Issue with empty analytics for certain data elements after upgrade to 2.26

As mentioned a few times in this forum, we recently upgraded a national level installation from 2.16 to 2.26 and have had a few minor issues that we have managed to resolve easily.  One issue that I'm struggling a little with is certain data elements are no longer being aggregated and included in the analytics table.  A look at the analytics log doesn't appear to yield any clues.  It appears the issue is with a particular group of elements - all Lab tests (though there are over 1000 elements in total so I haven't confirmed all).
The element structure seems good.  There are no aggregation levels selected at the bottom of the element config page - this is as it was prior to the upgrade and other elements with the same configuration are working, so I assume this isn't related to the issue.
I'm about to do some low level comparisons at the table level to see if there's anything obviously amiss though as you probably know, this could be difficult given structural changes at the table level.

I have two main questions

  1.  Is there something obvious I am missing and should be checking first
  2.  For general troubleshooting, what would others suggest?


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