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questions about tracker (coordinates, attributes, visualization)


Hi all,

Looking for input on the tracker function. We are registering participants in community events using the android app in the field. Here are my questions about tracker:

  *   Why might a field for coordinates show up in the stages, but not in the main program enrollment screen if I have checked “yes” to capturing coordinates? (But the coordinates field DOES show up in tracker capture using a computer, just not on the app)
  *   What is the rationale for certain characteristics being attributes vs. data elements? If I want to be able to visualize all the data - total number enrolled, where, characteristics, stages - which should be attributes of the tracked entity and which should be data elements?
  *   In general I am having trouble visualizing tracked data - I made program indicators for certain elements, is that the best way to visualize tracker data? Tracker data elements are not even showing up in the data visualizer.

Another question is when I initially access the visualizer or pivot tables (as the admin), an error screen will pop up saying “No organization unit levels found” - any thoughts on what this means? I’m still able to see all my org units…

Thanks in advance for your help!

~Natalie T

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