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Weird behaviour in pivot table


Happy new year, folks.

Here's a puzzling thing we see in our DHIS2 instance (version 2.27, build revision 9f0f047 dated 2017-08-29 04:02) when using pivot tables. 

If we display a data element or an indicator with the default row and column totals shown then all is well and good, see attached screenshot 1. If we open the options and untick 'show row totals'  then the column total is doubled as shown in attached screenshot 2.

If we do this for, say, 3 data elements we get a similar problem but only for the third (rightmost) column -- see screenshots 3 and 4.

We get the same effect if there is more than one org unit in the pivot table.

Any ideas why this is happening? I haven't been able to reproduce it in the DHIS2 play instance,


Hazim Timimi
Data Manager, Tuberculosis Monitoring and Evaluation, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Attachment: screenshot1_with_row_totals.png
Description: screenshot1_with_row_totals.png

Attachment: screenshot2_without_row_totals.png
Description: screenshot2_without_row_totals.png

Attachment: screenshot3_with_row_totals.png
Description: screenshot3_with_row_totals.png

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Description: screenshot4_without_row_totals.png