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Strange behavior on data entry form


I am encountering some strange behavior in 2.26 after updating some metadata on a couple of my aggregate forms. This seems to be related to the category combo override & or data set.

Pre change - everything works fine and looks like his:

Then I update the data elements and GL-S5/TMS gets renamed to GL-S513/TS and gets a slightly newer disaggregation (new catcombo).
However - as per default data set behavior the old CatCombo is retained on the data element in the data set (override says it has the old one same as GL-S5/PMS.).
(This behavior is great, btw! :) )

But : when I try to enter data on the form it suddenly is drawn up in the auto form as an entirely different cat combo - male female. Which it is not assigned either on data element or on data set.
Trying to enter data against it gives an error as that catcombo/catoption is not assigned. If I try to create a custom form I am given the list of CORRECT disaggregations.

Testing to see how this fits together; I try to change the override on the data set to match female and male (sex). However - Surprise! The form now changes to default:

However : Creating a new data set does not have this issue. But I would prefer not to have to do that in order to fix this..

Any suggestions on cause or fix?

Many thanks!

Trøyel Nerbø
Data Reporting and Analysis Adviser
Strategic Planning and Development, Head office
Phone: + 47 99239817 | Skype ID nrc_troyel

Norwegian Refugee Council
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