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Reporting Rate Summary


Dear All,
I am trying to understand 'Reporting Rate Summary'. Basically a 'Reporting
Rate Summary' are reports which are: Based on complete data set
registration or Based on compulsory data elements per a particular data set.

If a facility let say "A" doesn't have a data for that particular month we
are reporting them as zeros(0) because data is not available which i think
should be (NA) whilst for a particular data element we are giving it a
zero(0); this time report is available but the counts are zeros(0).

Please i want to know how other countries are reporting their not available
values? Are they still looking at both instances of zeros as zero and
analyze those data for actual or expected reports under 'Reporting Rate
Please colleagues can you share your concepts how these zeros (not
available values and counts whose values are zeros) are address on your


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