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structuring tracker data elements


Hi All,
We are hoping to use DHIS2 to collect and report on data from poison
information centres..

I'm guessing a lot fo these questions are answered in level one or
above academies, but I'm in Australia and getting to the academies is
pretty hard..


Tracker seems to be the best option as we want to collect
dis-aggregated data that is connected to a case - I plan to use the
Case as the identifier rather than the patient, as the patient details
are not necessarily being collected in a consistent manner, but I have
a robust case ID against each case.

The challenge I have is in the details :)

Enrolling a case seems logical, things like patient details, location
of exposure, exposure details are all one time data elements, which
might be corrected during a case, but are not going to need to be seen

The fun part starts in two areas
1. A case can consist of 1 or more contacts between the Poison
Information Centre (PIC) and other parties - each contact would record
the caller details and location - this seems like something I can
record as part of the "program" against the case. Is this reasonable?

2. The Symptoms and treatment for a case may be added or modified
during the case, so might be tied to the contact form, but the
symptoms and treatment are very long lists and may contain one or more
items from each list  - should I keep these as lots of data boolean
data elements, or as DEs with options?

3. The poisoning substance can be one or more "brand names" eg.
panadol osteo, which actually consist of one or more "Centre
Substances" - that is the actual toxic substance - I have no real idea
how to record these against the program - help?

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