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unable to edit a program stage instance (re-published)


Dear All,

Our team is facing a problem with editing some program stage instances that
are open (not completed) and their enrollment is not completed.

I am superuser and usually I am able to edit any instance but I still can’t
edit these ones even after clearing browser cache, deleting cookies, logging
in from incognito browsing, different computer, different internet network…

My best guess is that someone else might be editing that instance which is
causing other users to not be able to edit it.

Have you faced similar problems?

Any idea how to solve it?

Ou current workaround: We are forcefully creating a new instance with the
same data and deleting the old instance; this solution is not really
sustainable since we are facing similar cases 10-15 times in the same day.

Here’s a screenshot:

Looking forward to hearing about your experience in this.

All the best,


Bernard Sadaka

Information Management Advisor

Première Urgence - Aide Médicale Internationale

Nehmeh Building, Sanine Street, Chiyah, 3rd Floor

Ain el Remmaneh, Beirut, Lebanon

E-mail:  <mailto:lib.ima@xxxxxxxxxx> lib.ima@xxxxxxxxxx

Cell: +961 71 004 881 (208)

Skype: imapuami

Website:  <https://www.pu-ami.org/> https://www.pu-ami.org

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