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Tracker capture app displays the items in a different order...


Hi Devs.

Please note I am facing a peculiar issue with the Tracker Capture App on
the tablets.

The issue is, the data elements appear in a different order than what I
have defined in the programme stage. For example, say I designed a data
entry screen in the following order of data elements:

   1. First name
   2. Surname
   3. Date of Birth
   4. Sex

On the web interface (Tracker capture on computer), the order looks fine as
defined above. But on the tablets, the Tracker Capture App displays the
elements in a different order, something like:

   1. Surname
   2. Date of Birth
   3. First name
   4. Sex.

Since the order appears correctly on the computer, I don't' know what to do
to make it to appear with the same order on the tablets.

Kindly assist me to fix this issue.

Thanks and regards


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