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Re: AppIndicator Vala Bindings Example


We can do that as a workaround. Although I'm not sure if such a vapi
file will work with the application-indicator shipped with Lucid.

Furthermore, the vapi file attached to bug #510610 is not compatible
with the one of the newest version. However, I hope I will come up with
a final solution for bug #592986.


On 07/23/2010 03:57 AM, Dariel Dato-on wrote:
> I found that if you use the --vapidir=. option, it will search the
> specified directory (in this case . ) before /usr/share/vala.
> Since Lucid does not have a vala bindings, we can probably ship the
> .vapi file with the source code. I noticed Valencia did this. We just
> need to configure waf to do this.
> I've been able to use the AppIndicator bindings this way with
> libappindicator 0.19 and valac 0.8.0 which are default for Lucid.
> - Dariel

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