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Re: Separating Vertex from Divmod repo


Oops, sorry, forgot to actually say I set up travis-ci for the vertex repo.
 They have a bunch of failing tests though.  =/  The DEPS.txt seemed pretty
old (Twisted 2.4.0?) so i'm just running it against Twisted 13.0.0, and
python 2.6 and 2.7.

Also there seem to be a bunch of pyflakes errors.

Will be happy to change dependences as needed!


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:38 AM, Ying Li <cyli.ying.li@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all!
> Since Florent has kindly split the Pyflakes folder in the Divmod repo out,
> I thought I'd give it a try with Vertex as well.
> I've only found one unmerged branch that contains Vertex modifications
> (please tell me if I've missed any):
> https://code.launchpad.net/~alfred-54/divmod.org/divmod.org/+merge/158833
> I've tried to port the whole thing using (mostly, with some variations)
> Florent's bzr fastimport commands:
> bzr fast-export divmod.org > full-history.fi
> bzr fast-import-filter -i Vertex/ full-history.fi > vertex-history.fi
> git init vertex-git
> cd vertex-git
> cat ../vertex-history.fi | git fast-import
> This unfortunately has the side-effect of losing any metadata =/  I
> couldn't tell that metadata was being used in the Divmod repo though -
> please correct me if I'm wrong.
> As far as I could tell, Alfred's branch sat quite nicely on top of Vertex
> trunk, so I exported that one to git and split his changes off into a
> branch.
> Anyway, the git repo of vertex is here:  https://github.com/cyli/vertex -
> it includes a branch "alfreds_test_fixes_and_cleanup" (which does not have
> the travis config in it, since I put that into master).
> Any thoughts on whether this is worthwhile to split out like this?  I can
> transfer ownership to the Twisted organization (or if someone wants to
> create a Divmod organization I can transfer ownership of the repo there).
> As far as Alfred's merge request goes - we can open a pull request with
> Alfred's branch (or Alfred can fork and submit his own pull request).
>  Alternately, the review can continue and get merged in Launchpad, and I'll
> be happy to just redo the export once it's merged in.
> Or if no one likes this I can just scrap the Github repo.  :)
> Thanks!
> -Ying