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Re: Separating Vertex from Divmod repo


On 07:38 am, cyli.ying.li@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all!

Since Florent has kindly split the Pyflakes folder in the Divmod repo out,
I thought I'd give it a try with Vertex as well.

Hi Ying,

I'm excited to hear that you're interested in picking up Vertex maintenance!
I've only found one unmerged branch that contains Vertex modifications
(please tell me if I've missed any):

I've tried to port the whole thing using (mostly, with some variations)
Florent's bzr fastimport commands:

bzr fast-export divmod.org > full-history.fi
bzr fast-import-filter -i Vertex/ full-history.fi > vertex-history.fi
git init vertex-git
cd vertex-git
cat ../vertex-history.fi | git fast-import

This unfortunately has the side-effect of losing any metadata =/  I
couldn't tell that metadata was being used in the Divmod repo though -
please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hm.  Which metadata are you referring to?

As far as I could tell, Alfred's branch sat quite nicely on top of Vertex
trunk, so I exported that one to git and split his changes off into a

Anyway, the git repo of vertex is here: https://github.com/cyli/vertex - it includes a branch "alfreds_test_fixes_and_cleanup" (which does not have
the travis config in it, since I put that into master).

Any thoughts on whether this is worthwhile to split out like this? I can
transfer ownership to the Twisted organization (or if someone wants to
create a Divmod organization I can transfer ownership of the repo there).

As far as Alfred's merge request goes - we can open a pull request with
Alfred's branch (or Alfred can fork and submit his own pull request).
Alternately, the review can continue and get merged in Launchpad, and I'll
be happy to just redo the export once it's merged in.

Or if no one likes this I can just scrap the Github repo.  :)