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[Bug 2037588] Re: Instructions for clearing notifications not accurate


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

> at the bottom of the window to the right of the "Do Not Disturb"
switch. Do you see the same?

Well, no, but I'm also not clear on what you mean by "the window". I've
got a Do Not Disturb switch in the quick settings tray if I click on the
very top right (on the network/sound/power icons), and I can see the
last two notifications if I click on the clock, but neither has a
"Clear" on it.

What I am seeing is a long list of notifications on my lock screen
(which, yes, I can turn off in settings). So that's how I know they
exist. I'm mostly just confused that I seem neither to be able to view
all of those when the screen is unlocked (just those two below the
clock), nor clear them. It's I suppose not *the* most urgent bug, but it
just bothers me that the only place seems to be able to see all of them
is on the lock screen.

I also am not sure where the "if you hover a notification" you refer to
happens. The two notifications under the clock don't do anything on
hover, and I'm not even sure where to see the rest of them (other than
on the lock screen). If I click on them I go to the calendar, which
doesn't seem to have any notification listing or management functions.

I do usually have DND on, so maybe the issue is that you have to have
DND off at the time of the notification to see it, and after that you
can't see it? That also would be strange behavior though, especially in
light of the long list on the lock screen that clearly exists somewhere.

The point about Gnome is well taken though and I'll look into it. It
seems like the doc page I'm complaining about is itself a copy of the
Gnome page on notifications: https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-

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  Instructions for clearing notifications not accurate

Status in ubuntu-docs package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  This bug is about this page


  under the heading "The notification list", and specifically the text
  "Click the Clear List button to empty the list of notifications."

  From the text of the page I infer that "clear list" button would
  somehow be visible if I press Super+V or possibly click on a
  notification after I press Super+V. In 23.04 there is no "Clear List"
  button in either of those places. So that very specifically seems

  More generally the concern here is that I can't find functionality to
  clear either one notification or all of them. They just seem to pile
  up. Normal OS functionality in 2023 is to distinguish between
  "notifications the user has dismissed" and "notifications the user
  still needs to deal with" and I don't see that in Ubuntu. I can't tell
  if I'm missing something, or Ubuntu is just missing that
  functionality. I would hope the "Notifications and the notification
  list" page would inform me more on which is the case.

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