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Relicensing Dulwich under dual Apache2 and GPLv2.


(CC'ing dulwich-users)

Hi there,

You're receiving this email because you are one of the contributors to
Dulwich (http://samba.org/~jelmer/dulwich/).

The current license of Dulwich is GPLv2 or later. I would like to
change that to version 2.0 of the Apache license for the following

 * Several permissively licensed projects that use Dulwich or
   want to use Dulwich have indicated that the GPL is a problem
   for them.

 * More consistent with other modules in the Python world and Python
   itself, where permissive licenses are common

Since the Apache2 license is incompatible with the GPLv2
(it is compatible with GPL version 3.0), we would have to dual-license
under GPLv2 and Apache v2 license - to keep projects that depend on
Dulwich and are GPLv2 licensed happy.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on relicensing, if you're
okay to see your contribution to Dulwich available under Apachev2 license
or if you have any questions.



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