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Re: [Question #194900]: Which package provides the gio backend used in Duplicity


Question #194900 on Duplicity changed:

    Status: Answered => Open

Chris Vanden Berghe is still having a problem:
Thanks, Jeet.  I saw that thread but I don't think it applies to me as
I'm using a destination in the form of "scp://user:pass@server/dir/"
which is the type of URL that is -I believe- interpreted by gio.  In any
case, the backup fails whereas it worked perfectly before.  As for the
remove and uninstall suggestion... there is no configuration for
Duplicity so I don't see how that would change anything.

The script that calls Duplicity is:


export PASSPHRASE='pass'
export FTP_PASSWORD='pass'

nice /usr/bin/duplicity $@ --num-retries=20 --timeout=100 --archive-
dir=/root/Backup/cache/ --include-globbing-filelist
/root/Backup/backup.list --exclude '**' / scp://user:pass@server/dir/ &&
/usr/bin/duplicity remove-older-than 3D --force --archive-
dir=/root/Backup/cache/ scp://user:pass@server/dir/

/usr/bin/duplicity cleanup --force --archive-dir=/root/Backup/cache/

/usr/bin/duplicity collection-status --archive-dir=/root/Backup/cache/
scp://user:pass@server/dir/ | mail -s "backup status" root


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