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Re: [Question #194900]: Which package provides the gio backend used in Duplicity


Question #194900 on Duplicity changed:

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edso proposed the following answer:
On 27.04.2012 10:25, Chris Vanden Berghe wrote:
> Question #194900 on Duplicity changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/duplicity/+question/194900
>     Status: Answered => Open
> Chris Vanden Berghe is still having a problem:
> Thanks, Jeet.  I saw that thread but I don't think it applies to me as
> I'm using a destination in the form of "scp://user:pass@server/dir/"
> which is the type of URL that is -I believe- interpreted by gio.  In any
> case, the backup fails whereas it worked perfectly before.  As for the
> remove and uninstall suggestion... there is no configuration for
> Duplicity so I don't see how that would change anything.
> The script that calls Duplicity is:
> #!/bin/sh
> export PASSPHRASE='pass'
> export FTP_PASSWORD='pass'
> nice /usr/bin/duplicity $@ --num-retries=20 --timeout=100 --archive-
> dir=/root/Backup/cache/ --include-globbing-filelist
> /root/Backup/backup.list --exclude '**' / scp://user:pass@server/dir/ &&
> /usr/bin/duplicity remove-older-than 3D --force --archive-
> dir=/root/Backup/cache/ scp://user:pass@server/dir/
> /usr/bin/duplicity cleanup --force --archive-dir=/root/Backup/cache/
> scp://user:pass@server/dir/
> /usr/bin/duplicity collection-status --archive-dir=/root/Backup/cache/
> scp://user:pass@server/dir/ | mail -s "backup status" root

gio is only used when --gio is given. see manpage

the command line as stated above uses the ssh backend. there were
recently changes in it (a native python based ssh backend was
introduced) which broke some things. the next release will have the old
plus the new ssh backend from which you can choose in case you don't get
the new one to work.

back to your original question
>After upgrading 11.10 server to 12.04 server Duplicity gives me the following error message:
>Import of duplicity.backends.giobackend Failed: No module named gio

this is a mere warning and shouldn't have an effect on your set up.
duplicity tries to import all backends and only later decides which one
to use.

does it break anything on your part?


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