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What it takes to be a dev


Hey guys,

We've seen several times in Answers people asking what they need to do
in order to get started developing on elementary. And as I'm sure
we've all noticed, this list is really very low traffic. So, I think
we need a better way to publicize the steps it takes to get started in
development from clean install to your first app and beyond.

What I suggest is making the landing page at
developer.elementaryos.org go straight into a walkthrough. We should
start with installing a development environment, setting up on
launchpad, learning how to use bzr etc.

So what I'd like to see from you guys is a basic rundown of what you
would suggest to set up your machine for development from a clean
install. Then I can organize that into a quick training program that
we can implement on the website.

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré


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