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OS daily builds are finally set up


Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we have finally set up daily builds of
elementary OS. Right now the process is not really automated, it's just me
building an image and uploading it manually. I'll be building only i386
images for now because our bugs are extremely unlikely to be
architecture-dependent. If you need an amd64 image for some reason, contact
me or build it yourself using

Thanks to the magic of zsync, you can download only the updated parts of
the .iso instead of transferring the whole thing over and over. Here's how
to use it:
1) $ sudo apt-get install zsync
2) Download the latest .iso.zsync from
3) $ zsync -i old-version.iso new-version.iso.zsync
That will download new-version.iso and automatically check its integrity.
By the way, using a daily build of Ubuntu as the old version cuts download
size in half.

zsync might be not as effective as web download when you have no older
version because it's not aware of geographical location of the mirrors. If
you're simply downloading the .iso without zsync, make sure to check its
integrity (otherwise you may end up with a borked system):
1) Download the .iso.md5 for the version which you're downloading
2) $ md5sum myfile.iso > myfile.iso.md5.local
3) $ diff -q myfile.iso myfile.iso.md5.local  && echo "everything's fine"
|| echo "you're screwed, go zsync"
in case md5 sums don't match, you should re-download the image or zsync the
missing parts.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

P.S. Be sure to check out action items from the latest contributor meeting (
http://tiny.cc/contributor-meeting-10) - looks like Dan has a plan.

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