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Re: OS daily builds are finally set up


On 11-03-12 12:25, Сергей wrote:
> zsync might be not as effective as web download when you have no older
> version because it's not aware of geographical location of the mirrors.
> If you're simply downloading the .iso without zsync, make sure to check
> its integrity (otherwise you may end up with a borked system):
> 1) Download the .iso.md5 for the version which you're downloading
> 2) $ md5sum myfile.iso > myfile.iso.md5.local
> 3) $ diff -q myfile.iso myfile.iso.md5.local  && echo "everything's
> fine" || echo "you're screwed, go zsync"
> in case md5 sums don't match, you should re-download the image or zsync
> the missing parts.

Even better:
2) $ md5sum -c downloaded.iso.md5
  This will automatically check integrity and report OK if correct.

Pim Vullers
Heerstraat 29 / 5953 GE Reuver

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