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Re: Vala guide for noobs?


Hi :)

Vala is still a quite new language and tutorials are more directed to people who already know programming and just want to learn a new language. That's why there aren't tutorials for noobs.

I think it all depends on what you already know... I don't know how Java is, but Python doesn't require you to do the declaration part, which instead is up to you in Vala. Thus, I'd suggest to read an introduction to a language with explicit declarations (like C, C++) and when you got how it works you can try reading the Vala tutorial. As David already said, it's very well written and if you don't understand single parts of it, you can always ask on irc :)

Andrea Basso

On Sat, 07 Apr 2012 17:31:26 +0200, Andre Santos <andre_luis_13@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey guys!

I'm a new developer, and I only did some translations 'till now, but I want
to develop a app of my own. I have some experience with python, Java,
JavaScript and PHP, but nothing in Earth can help me understand the Vala
Tutorial at Gnome.org. So, I read some interviews of you guys at the
elementary site, so... Can you help me? ó__ò someone has a good newbie
tutorial to vala? Tried the google, youtube and even the sources of some
elementary apps, but it's like reading ancient greek to me.

Thank you!

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