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5 ideas that every desktop OS should borrow


Hey guys,

Since I'm responsible for the OS in elementary Project, I keep an eye on
recent advancements of other operating systems and do some R&D

However, I cannot really work on low-level OS enhancements.
First, it's not elementary's area of expertise, user experience design is.
We don't have the manpower to work on that.
Second, even if we had the manpower, it would be wrong to apply changes
only in elementary OS while Ubuntu and others could benefit from it too.

I'm publishing a list of the best ideas I've found so far in hope that
they'll be implemented someday. The funny thing is, implementing them
requires very little effort because most components are already in place.
Would be great to get some of them implemented.

So, without furthed ado:

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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