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Re: Should we use Burg insted of Grub?


Hello Andre!

Yes, of couse we're interested in BURG! We have a
using it for quite a while already (you can read what blueprints are
and why we use them

The problem about BURG is that a bootloader is a *really* critical and also
low-level component. Such things are not our area of expertise, and our
limited manpower is already spread thin.

As far as I know, BURG was not used in any distros so far. IMO it's facing
a chicken-and-egg problem - distributors don't use until it's widely tested
and proven to be stable, and it won't be widely tested and debugged until
distributors use it.

Maybe if we work closely with BURG developers and make a separate set of
ISO images with it instead of GRUB, we'll be able to bring it closer to
mass adoption. But again, that's not our area of expertise, and since it's
useful to Ubuntu too, I'd rather propose that to Ubuntu. Then we'll inherit
it from them easily.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS integrator, elementary