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Should we use Burg insted of Grub?


Hello guys!

So, I was reading about dual-boot, and I discovered that most of Ubuntu
users use a second OS in their PCs. I am a dual-boot user myself.
But, grug, although being a excelent boot manager, is ugly as hell. So I
read about BURG, a similar project, based on grub, that beautify the boot

Burg supports themes, and they are not so hard to create and implement. I
installed Burg in my Ubuntu 11.10 and it works out-of-box like a charm. So,
I was thinking... Should we use it insted of Grub in Luna? We could develop
our own theme, to make the sequence "Boot Manager -> LightDM -> Pantheon"
more fluid and simple.

I read a little about burg themes, and I could try to make a elementaryOS
theme for it if someone designs a mockup for me. Anyone interested in using
burg? :D

I'll include here Burg's google code page:



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