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Hey Guys,

After an email with Adam Dingle (of Yorba fame), we've decided to switch
the name of the AppMenu icon from "document-properties" to

This won't affect the actual look of the icon being used here, just it's
name. So why would we do this?

Well, using "document-properties" is just not the right thing to do. It
causes some odd behavior in some apps and causes some real awkward
appearances in some icon themes. Moving to "application-menu" just makes
sense from a naming perspective and allows us to avoid the awkward overlap
when an app is using "document-properties" correctly.

I've filed a bug in granite here:

So for everyone using Granite, yay you rock and don't have to do anything
:D (unless you're gonna be awesome and make the fix in Granite). But for
anyone that isn't, please change your code ASAP so that I can fix our icon
theme :p

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré