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Re: Contributor Meeting 15


Hello there!

In regards the Translators Team, I would be glad helping the Brazillian Portuguese translations, also the Portuguese ones. Not sure if the Team exists yet, so I'm replying this e-mail.

Also, I would suggest posting a page at elementaryos.org with the Teams, team leaders, especific mailing-lists or wiki pages and contacts to apply to the team.

Best regards,

Andre Santos

Em 05-05-2012 16:45, David Gomes escreveu:
Hello there everyone,

Contributor Meeting 15 is now finished. From the points the agenda <http://tiny.cc/contributor-meeting-15>, only a few were discussed, since not many developers were present (about 4).

From the decisions made, the ones that stand out follow:

  * Start an elementary-translators team, to be done by me after
    Launchpad Team tells gotwig if making the team requires some
    special permissions;
  * Contractor will not be included in Terminal. Feature Freeze is
    over and we need to focus on bugs. Besides, Contractor for
    Terminal isn't of a very critical importance;
  * NavigationArrows will not be added to Granite for now. It may be
    added in the future, if other apps request it, then it will be

It was a complicated meeting, I know we're all very busy, some more busy then others, but since many people didn't manage to make it to the meeting, please reply to this email with your opinion on the agenda items when you can.