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Re: We can has automated crash reporting!!1


Finally the Apport puzzle begins to come together. Bugs get almost
properly reported now (creating a team to access them is the only
blocker, see "Launchpad team for all elementary members" thread), and
I can manually retrace specific bug reports.

 https://bugs.launchpad.net/scratch/+bug/1001297 is an actual crash I
could report and retrace (the report is visible only to
~elementary-core and ~elementary-apps, so don't be surprised if the
link throws an error).

The other two blockers I have are:
 * crash-digger doesn't seem to be able to discover our crash reports
 * we don't have an x86_64 server with Ubuntu Precise or which can
chroot to Ubuntu Precise environment to run the automatic retracer on.
Trying to chroot into Precise environment on Tom's server makes
something complain that the kernel is too old and chrooting fails.