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Hey Tom,

I know you have a ton on your plate, but have you peeked at Pantheon
Wallpaper? I believe the latest builds are excluding it since it has some
outstanding bugs, but I've noticed a lot of problems with he GNOME drawer
(no animations, mega glitches when resuming from suspend). I was wondering
if the issues with Pantheon Wallpaper were massive enough to deal with the
shortcomings in GNOME's drawer, or if we could sort them out and get them
fixed for Luna.

I think Max Barvian was the last to really work on Pantheon Wallpaper, but
I'm not positive. I've copied the dev community in on this email so it gets
more attention. :)

Also, it's interesting to note that we decided on fixing the bugs in
Pantheon Wallpaper and shipping it in a contributor meeting a while back;
if I recall, this was basically after we saw the desktop without it. ;)

Cassidy James

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