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Re: "I'm Quitting": we both overreacted


2012/6/25 Eduard Gotwig <gotwig@xxxxxxxxxx>

> what you've done for the project was not only good, but essential -
> especially for daily builds and the (super awsom new) build system :-)

Now I have one more thing to clarify XD

The only "new build system" I made was refactoring the hell out of eBuild
several times and yelling that we need a new build system. Then Ivo Nunes
(netherblood) came and actually made the awesome new build system,
Congrego. Ivo still does all the hard work on the OS, so if you notice
something low-level like booting or dist-upgrading the OS suddenly gets
fixed, blame him.

And there's no glory in daily builds. Those are easy peasy cider squeezy.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff