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Re: Creating application


Hi Jean,

I'm copy to copy your mail to our developer mailing list and hopefully our community can better answer your questions :)

Best Regards,
Daniel Foré

El jul 2, 2012, a las 5:43 a.m., Jean INDERCHIT <jean.inderchit@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> Hi, my name is Jean. I'm a student in Computer science (in Robotics) and I'm an Ubuntu + Gnome user for a while now.
> I recently downloaded an Elementary OS Luna daily build, and I was surprised by this OS.
> Everything is very neat and beautiful. I'm sure that this project will grow a lot and take a prominent place among the various OS.
> I always wanted to create something that is related with linux OS, like an application, but I never had the motivation.
> But I do really want to build something myself, and launch it on some Linux distros like Elementary.
> I'm a developper (mostly in Robotics) so I know C++ language, and this is ma favorite programmation language.
> So my idea here is to build an application that manages Git repositories, and common actions (create, push, pull, add, checkout, commit), like Github for mac 
> But before I start, I want to know if you have any recommandation about application building for elementary OS (despite the documentation on the developer section of ElementaryOS website's).
> Do you think it's a good idea to use C++ with gtk+ ?
> Do you use something special for the UI on Elementary OS ?
> Thank you an advance for your consideration !
> -- 
> Jean Inderchit

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